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Name: 6- (2-chloorfenyl) -1-methyl-8-nitro-4H-s-triazool- (4,3-a) – (1,4) -benzodiazepinet

Formula: C20H27N3O3

Stof: Clonazolam

IUPAC:6- (2-chloorfenyl) -1-methyl-8-nitro-4H-s-triazool- (4,3-a) – (1,4) -benzodiazepine




What is Clonazolam ?


Clonazolam (also known as clonitrazolam) is a benzodiazepine that has had very little research done about its effects and metabolism, and has been sold online as a designer drug.

The synthesis of clonazolam was first reported in 1971 and the drug was described as the most active compound in the series tested.

Clonazolam is reported to be highly potent, and concerns have been raised that clonazolam and flubromazolam in particular may pose comparatively higher risks than other designer benzodiazepines, due to their ability to produce strong sedation and amnesia at oral doses of as little as 0.5 mg.

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